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Related article: Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2007 19:11:37 -0400 (EDT) From: Kendall Subject: After World's End, Part 2This is a work of erotic fiction, and is not intended for reading by anyone under the age of 18. All characters and events portrayed in this story are fictional, and any resemblance to actual persons or events is coincidental. Do not read further if you are under 18 or if pornography is illegal in the area in which you live.Comments may be sent to -- No flames please, I shouldn't have to deal with that after posting here. More to come -- I just don't know when.After World's End, Part 2By and copyright Kendall Hart, 2007(gg, ggg, Mg, inc, ped, cons, oral)"Fuck me now, Jordan? Please?"The words were calm, polite, and the voice was trying to be calm, and failing.I smiled down at 11 Lolita Bbs Kds year-old Jenny Gibson, who had just given me the best blowjob I'd ever had, brushed a lock of dark brown hair out of her face, and said, "Okay, sweetie. Is there any particular way you want to do it?""Sexy way," Jenny said. "Um. Whatever way you want.""Well, there are a lot of different positions we can try," I said. "You on top, doggie style, on our sides, me on top with you facing me, me on top with you on your belly . . . you decide. You've seen people fuck in movies, right?""Yeah," Jenny said. "But . . . I want you to decide. Please?""That's sweet," I said, pulling her up to straddle my lap, "thank you, honey."How about with you on top . . . so I can see my cock going into you?""Okay!" Jenny said. "Right now, please!""Kiss your sisters, first," I chuckled. "Mustn't let anyone feel left out."Jenny's sisters, 13 year-old Sara and eight year-old Katie, climbed up on the couch and kissed her, tongue-fucking their sister with abandon and delight, and Katie reached down to rub Jenny's pussy, her hand brushing my once-again-diamond-hard cock as she did so."Since I have to go last," Katie said (the girls had settled among themselves the order in which I'd have sex with them, and Katie was riding drag -- I didn't mind, I figured that way I'd actually last a while during my sex with the eight year-old beauty), "can I eat you right after Jordan fucks you? And get his come and your pussy juice all mixed?""That's fine," Jenny said. "That'd be neat!""Girls, can Jenny and I have the air mattress?" I asked, indicating the king-sized mattress the girls had set up in the living room, and apparently been sharing -- in a non-sexual manner, I'd seen their first sex with each other . . . damn, only an hour and a half or so ago? They'd been sleeping in the living room, all on the air mattress, apparently for the comfort of being together after the world was pretty much ended by a plague with a scary mortality rate."Sure," Sara said. "Me and Katie will sit on the couch and watch. Or the floor next to you, maybe -- we'll wanna see close up.""That's fine," I said, moving to lie down on the air mattress, tugging my small, slender, breast-less, barely eleven year-old lover with me by the hand. "Okay, Jenny, I'm going to let you decide how much of my cock to take in you. I'm gonna lay here, you get over me and lower yourself. Don't hurt yourself, sweetie -- it's not like I can take you to a doctor.""Okay," Jenny said, looking from my face to my dick and back again. "Jordan . . . I really do love you. Lots and lots.""I love you, too, sweetie," I said. "Tons of lots. I'm so glad I found you three that I can't even figure out how to say it -- and I was a teacher until recently, and taught English.""That's sweet," Jenny said -- and ran her wet little slit the length of my cock by rocking her hips. "Jordan . . . will this hurt?""At first, probably," I said. "You're pretty small. But if you keep going, the hurt will get less, and the feels good will get bigger."Jenny, you don't have to do this. None of you have Lolita Bbs Kds to do any of this -- ever.""I asked you to do sex with me," Jenny said. "I want to -- and I know I like what we done already. I just . . . wanted to be ready. I'm not scared of it. Well, not very. And I want to fuck! I just . . . wanted to be ready, if it was gonna hurt.""Take your time," I said, "and remember you can always -- oh, God!"While I was talking, Jenny had risen up on her knees very quickly, pressed the head of my dick to her pussy lips, and shoved herself down on my dick, taking maybe two inches inside her amazingly tight, tiny little pussy on that first effort. My cock felt like it had been wrapped in hot, wet velvet, velvet that was wrapped tightly enough to put me in mind of a velvet covered vice . . . but in the best possible way.And she squealed in a mixture of pleasure and pain as she did it, making me harder than ever with that tiny little "Oooo" that she let out."God, baby," I said, reaching down to stroke her face, and getting a nice surprise when Jenny licked my fingers as they passed across her lips. "You are so damned amazing.""It feels . . . good-hurt," Jenny said. "It's like I pulled a muscle, sort of. But it feels so good under that!"With that, Jenny braced her hands on my chest and shoved herself backwards, taking another two inches of my cock inside that wonderful little pussy. She made that same little "Oooo" as she did so, and rocked her hips a little bit, giving the tiniest bit of in-and-out motion -- and nearly making me come as she did so."Easy, Jenny," I said. "You don't have to take it all, you know.""Want to," Jenny said, breathing hard and fast, and rocking her hips a bit more. "The girls in the movies all get all the guy's cock in them, even when they're all scary-big dicks. And . . . I . . . like . . . this!"Jenny let out a scream-moan then, and her sweet little pussy contracted on my cock in a series of waves that actually pulled me in a little deeper as she came."Oh, God," Jenny whimpered. "I love this. I love this! I love you!"I pushed up on one elbow, grabbed the back of Jenny's head and kissed her, driving my tongue into her mouth the way I wanted to drive my cock into her pussy. She sucked my tongue like it was a miniature dick while I plundered her mouth -- and she rocked back and forth on my cock, taking a little bit more each time as she did so -- until she came again just as she got it all inside her pussy. Then she screamed again, pulling away from my mouth and throwing her head back as she came.My cock, buried to the hilt in this sweet, crazy little 11 Lolita Bbs Kds year-old girl's pussy, twitched and spasmed, and I fought the need to come, wanting to give her more, to make her come again. The heat, the incredible tightness, the feeling of wet, *wet* velvet wrapped tightly around my cock had me so close to coming that I had to use my fallback routine to avoid coming right that second. I forced myself to remember Hamlet's soliloquy from the first act of the play, reciting it in my head until the feeling of imminent orgasm backed off a little. (And who says high school drama never does you any good?)Jenny was still moving, more confidently now, as the pain of first sex (thank heaven she didn't have a hymen, had torn it in ballet class, as had both her sisters) receded, and the pleasure of orgasms flooded her system.And now I was ready to move with her -- hell, I was ready to fuck her silly, but I didn't want to do too much her first time."Love you, Jenny," I said, and leaned up to kiss her again -- and in mid-kiss, while she was trying hard to suck my tongue down her throat, I started moving my hips in counterpoint to her own movements, thrusting up as she came down, pulling back as she went up ---- and she went nuts. Jenny came again after only four or five strokes like this, screaming her joy at the top of her lungs, and accelerating her own rocking. I was perilously close to coming again, and this time I went with it, pumping faster, matching Jenny's speed, clutching that delightful little ass and helping her move in perfect counterpoint to my own thrusts.After maybe thirty seconds of this, Jenny started coming *again,* screaming her pleasure quite loudly, and the contractions of that sweet little pussy on my cock were the final straw -- I came, pouring semen into that tight little pussy at a rate that shocked me, given how much I'd come when she sucked my cock.I kept thrusting after my own coming stopped, making sure the last of her orgasm had passed before I stopped -- and flopped back on the air mattress, my cock softening -- and immediately being pushed out of that tiny little cave it had been resting in."I love fucking," Jenny said against my chest. She raise her head and said, "That was the coolest, Jordan, thanks!""Thank you, sweetheart," I said. "Now . . . why don't you let Katie eat you?""In a second," Jenny said. "I wanna know Lolita Bbs Kds what you an' me taste like together, first."Jenny slid down my body and took my half-erect dick in her mouth, sucked it clean -- and most of the way back to fully erect -- then looked around and said, "Katie? Still want to eat me?""Yeah-huh!" Katie said. She kissed Sara one more time, then moved to lay on the floor beside the air mattress. "Get over me, so I get more of Jordan's stuff out."Ten seconds later, I'd moved to sit on the floor with my back against the front of the couch, and Sara slid into my arms as Jenny started rocking on her baby sister's face, Katie's tongue already starting Jenny back up the ladder towards and orgasm."They're so hot," Sara said, her hand moving to my lap and starting a gentle massage of my cock. "I bet Jenny will want to eat me after you fuck me. And I know I want to eat Katie after you fuck her.""Good," I said. I slipped my hand between Sara's legs, ran my fingers over her pussy, delighting in the wetness I found, and the way her sparse pubic hair tickled my fingers. "That'll be hot.""Everything's hot right now," Sara said, and kissed me hard, her tongue caressing mine lasciviously. "Especially me!""Good, honey," I said -- and slipped the first two fingers of my left hand into her tight little pussy, getting a sharply indrawn breath from her as she shuddered in pleasure. "So . . . is there anything in particular you want to do while we make love?""Make love, that's so sweet," Sara said, rocking against my hand. "And . . . yeah. I want to do everything we do different from how you and Jenny did it.""Not sure what you mean, honey," I said -- or groaned, as she wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking."Simple," Sara said. She'd wiggled around a little, and now I had two fingers pumping into her pussy while I rubbed her clit in slow circles with the thumb of my other hand. "I want us all to try everything -- so I'm gonna set an example by doing stuff different than Jenny. When you eat me, I want a different position. When I suck you, I want you standing up -- or maybe over me, you know? Fucking down into my mouth, like they did in some of Daddy's movies?""That sounds great," I said. "And when we fuck? If we fuck, I guess?""No if!" Sara said. She was breathing hard, getting close to coming. "But . . . when we fuck, I want you on top. I don't care if it's doggie-style or face-to-face, but I Lolita Bbs Kds want you on top.""Also sounds great," I admitted. "But if you change your mind about anything, I won't be mad.""I know that," Sara said. "You're nice and wouldn't make us do anything but I'm coming now!"And she did come, the contractions of her pussy rivaling those of Jenny, and letting out these breathy little shrieks that were very, very sexy."Fuck, you play good," Sara said. "And . . . you aren't gonna stop, are you?""Not yet," I said, and kissed her. "Remember what I told Jenny while I was playing with her -- I know girls can come more than guys, and I love making you come!""I love you making us come, too!" Sara moaned. She was sideways on my lap, now, rocking against my hands, and her right hand continued to play with my dick while I played with her pussy -- she stroked and squeezed very nicely, making me wonder if there wasn't a section on hand-jobs at the front of the disc they'd watched to learn about sucking cock.Still, I was in no danger of coming -- I never have been much for hand-jobs at all. I'd only been worried with Jenny earlier because of how long I'd been without sex (even masturbation -- who can jerk off while the world's busy ending?), and how very forbidden it was to be having any sort of sexual contact with an 11 year-old. (Admittedly, 13 wasn't a lot better on the forbidden-o-meter, but now I'd come twice -- made a big difference.)Sara was edging close to another come, and when I ducked my head and licked happily at one of her nipples (which were about the size of the top joint of her own little finger -- impressive and *extremely* sexy) , she yelped and *did* come, accidentally letting me know how very sensitive her breasts were.So I kept sucking those rock-hard nipples, going back and forth between them even as I kept finger-fucking her and thumb-rubbing her slippery little clit. She stopped playing with my dick -- my slouching to get at her nipples made it awkward, and she was too aroused to concentrate on it -- and grabbed the back of my head, guiding me back and forth between her nipples herself until she came a third time.At that point, I finally stopped fingering her and playing with her -- and licked my fingers clean greedily. She, too tasted wonderful, with the same just-barely-sweet under-taste as Jenny."God that was awesome," Sara said, laying her head against my chest. "I love how long your fingers are -- and you know how to make them feel good."And I want to suck your cock, now. You still want to fuck my mouth?""You're gonna have Jordan fuck your mouth?" Jenny asked from a couple of feet away, where she sat with Katie between her legs, playing with her eight year-old sister's pussy while they both watched Sara and I. "Cool! From standing up or over your face?""Over my face," Sara said, grinning and stroking my dick. "That looked sexy and stuff. And . . . Jordan, you don't gotta be all nice about it, you know?""Not sure what you mean, sweetie," I said."You moved Jenny's head real fast," she said. "You know, when she was sucking you? So . . . fuck my mouth fast, too. Fast as you want.""Jesus, honey," I said, fighting to keep my voice level. "I don't think you know what you're saying, Sara. There are guys who'd probably do it too fast -- and too hard. And most guys would want to. If I wasn't afraid of hurting you, *I'd* want to.""Okay, so Lolita Bbs Kds if you start going to hard, I'll push on your legs to tell you to slow down," Sara said. "If I don't push, you can go harder -- and if I grab your butt, I *want* you to go harder.""Sara . . . honey, are you sure about this?""Totally, it's all iced." She grinned at me cheerfully, laid back half-on and half-off the air mattress and added, "I'm not scared. I want to suck you off and stuff, and Jenny liked you moving her head fast -- she came and stuff, duh."So would you please stop being all nice and doofy and get your dick in my mouth?"I'm only human. I was kneeling over her face a couple of seconds later, her right hand inside my legs so she could play with herself, her left outside them so she could reach to push on my leg if I went too hard for her.Sara didn't touch my cock -- after all the video she'd learned from said not to -- but let me guide it into her mouth -- and as soon as her lips closed around the head, I moved to all fours, my hands on the air mattress a ways over Sara's head, then shoved forward as slowly as I could make myself, feeling for the point where her tongue arched just before her gag reflex kicked in. When I felt that happen, I backed off a little bit, held still while the hot little 13 year-old explored my cock with her wet and willing tongue -- then started thrusting into her mouth, even as she started a serious suction going.Sara didn't suck me quite as hard as 11 year-old Jenny had, and her tongue didn't move as fast -- but she still gave a hell of a great blowjob (not hurt at all by the fact that she let me fuck her mouth, I admit). At my first thrust into her mouth, she moaned a little, sounding like a content cat, and sucked my cock with evident relish. And I did fuck her mouth, a lot harder than I expected to do, in my excitement.And she never made any sign that I should slow down. In fact, after I'd established a good rhythm, she put her left hand on my butt and pulled, telling me to go harder -- and I did. I kept upping the speed and force of my thrusts (not the depth -- like I said before, a woman [or girl] gagging on my dick is no turn on for me) until her hand relaxed and dropped back to her side. By that time, I was fucking this sexy little 13 year-old's mouth harder than I'd been allowed to fuck some grown women's pussies.And it was fucking *GREAT!*Sara sucked constantly, and her tongue moved with ever-increasing frenzy, until she was moving it as fast as her 11 year-old sister had when she sucked me -- or maybe a little bit faster. She was salivating heavily, and swallowing that and my pre-come often, always making a little sound of satisfaction as she did so.And after two minutes or so of me fucking her mouth and her playing with herself, Sara came, very powerfully. I wasn't too close, yet, but I'd started my approach, as a pilot would have said. Her increased suction and little sounds as she came moved me closer in a short burst, as did her ever-more-wild tonguing of the head of my cock. I had to remind myself not to fuck her mouth harder, as she'd stopped pulling at this point, and the reminder took an effort. The wet, hot little cave of her mouth was something I wanted to just ravage -- but I held back, unwilling to take things to that level without an invitation.Then her hand came up and grabbed my butt again. I don't know if I'd slowed down in involuntary concern for her, or if her orgasm had made her want it harder -- but she grabbed my ass, and I discovered that there are some rewards so great that conditioned reflex sets in immediately. I immediately started thrusting harder and faster, significantly on both, and her suction increased even as her tongue started moving like she'd had four or five hits of speed all at once. I kept upping the tempo -- now certain that I was going a good bit harder than the hardest I had before she came -- until her hand left my butt, at which point I settled into a steady rhythm, building steadily towards an orgasm now, and not far off. I kept pumping furiously, feeling Sara's wet little lips sliding over my cock like labia with muscle control they could never have, her tongue teasing the head of my cock, the suction she applied increasing as she headed for a second orgasm -- and I came, dumping a load of semen into her mouth that I would never have believed I could produce on a third orgasm before this night.I froze in a down-thrust, and my cock was filling a good bit of Sara's mouth -- but I didn't overflow her mouth, as I had Jenny's. Sara's own orgasm hit just after I started mine, and she was sucking and swallowing hard and fast in the throes of coming.I stayed there for a few seconds, too exhausted from the orgasm to move, and Jenny said, "Are you gonna move so we can kiss her?"I chuckled, pulled my cock slowly out of Sara's mouth (she sucked the whole time I was withdrawing, cleaning all my residual semen and her own saliva off of it as I withdrew -- and bringing me back to something like half-erect), and watched as first Jenny, then Katie kissed Sara with almost manic intensity."What's it like?" Jenny asked her older sister, almost whimpering. "What's it like having your mouth fucked?""*Very* iced," Sara said. "God, I think I would've come even without playing with myself -- I loved it.""It looked like it could hurt," Katie said doubtfully."Not really hurt," Sara said. "My lips are a little tender, but that just makes kissing nicer." She tongue-kissed Katie to prove her point. "And I love his come.""Okay, I'm gonna try it soon," Jenny said."Me, too," Katie said, causing my cock to jump to three-quarters erect at the thought of fucking that eight year-old little hottie's mouth."But right now," Lolita Bbs Kds Sara said, "I want to have Jordan eat my pussy."I didn't need to be told twice!At Sara's request, in keeping with her desire to do new things (and encourage her sisters to do so -- not bad thing at all!), we tried a position she'd never done before. I laid down on my back, and Sara straddled my face, which she'd done before -- but always facing the feet of whichever of her sisters was eating her. With me, I had her face my head, her feet splayed out sideways past my shoulders in a position that showed how very flexible she was -- and I silently thanked whoever had decided to send the girls to ballet class for that flexibility.Eating Sara held no surprises -- she came often and easily, tasted wonderful, and was completely unafraid to grind her pussy down on my mouth, and unashamed of doing so. Towards the end of things (I ate her to three orgasms, just as I had Jenny), Sara grabbed my head with one hand and ground her pussy against my face even harder that way. I loved it.After I was done, and we'd necked a little (she licked my face clean of her own pussy juice, proclaiming "I taste *good!*" with extreme satisfaction), Sara reached down and stroked my rock-hard dick and said, "Fuck me now, Jordan? Please?""God, yes," I said. "What position do you want to try?""You on top," Sara said immediately. "Besides that, I don't really care. But you on top."I thought for a moment, idly stroking Sara's drenched little pussy, lapping at a nipple she put close to my lips, then said, "Sweetie, you really did like me fucking your Lolita Bbs Kds mouth, didn't you? That wasn't just to impress me or anything?""No way!" Sara said. "I really, really loved it -- next time, I'm not gonna play with myself, and I know I'm still gonna come!""Can you tell me *why* you liked it so much?" I asked gently. "Or at least try?""I can try I guess," Sara said, sounding doubtful. "I mean -- well, I liked your cock in my mouth and I liked making you feel good, 'cause you're sweet an' I love you. But -- I guess I liked not being the boss. You were the boss, and I liked that part. I been being the boss since Daddy died and that was like a month ago. It's hard and it's kinda scary to be boss. So I really liked not being boss."That was pretty much what I'd thought -- and I really did want to make her feel good. And since I liked being in charge anyway, I didn't mind having a sweet little submissive on my hands -- it could only add to the illicit pleasure of sex with an underage girl to have her being submissive to boot."So . . . let me ask you a question, honey," I said. "And promise you won't lie? No matter what you think I might like, promise you won't lie to me?""I promise!" Sara said, drawing an X over her tiny left breast with one finger."Okay," I said, "take your time and think about this, Sara; which way do you think would be nicer for you -- me on top and you able to move around and touch me, hug me, kiss me . . . or me on top and you not able to do much but lay there and be fucked? Not touch me, or even kiss me, just get fucked by me?"She thought about it for less than five seconds before she said (with no trace of shame or self-consciousness), "Not able to do much. Just letting you fuck me. That'd be utterly iced! Can we do it that way? Please?""You sure, honey?" I asked. "You're so hot, and I love sex with you so much that if you change your mind, I may not be able to stop.""I'm sure!" she said. "You gonna tie my hands up or something?"That Sara sounded not at all afraid of that idea, in fact *interested* in it, cranked my excitement up even further."No, sweetie," I said, kissing her again. "Though that might be fun, someday. Not tonight. Tonight, it's just going to be the position you're in that makes you not able to do much."So . . . lay down on your belly on the mattress, Sara, and put your arms out in front of you -- like you're trying to fly like a superhero, okay?"She did as I asked, while Katie and Jenny came closer, wanting to watch this new variation of sex. I reached down and cocked Sara's hips up some, and spread her legs further, exposing that sweet, nearly-hairless little pussy Lolita Bbs Kds neatly. Sara made a little whimpering sound, and said, "Please fuck me, Jordan!""Okay, Sara," I said, trying to sound calm (and failing something awful). "I'm going to put my cock in you now. If you want me to go harder, say so, and if Lolita Bbs Kds you want me to slow down, say so -- I'll try to, but . . . well, last chance to try something else.""No way, this is iced!" Sara said. "Fuck me, Jordan, please!"I knelt behind Sara, lifted her crotch a little with one hand, and put the head of my cock to her pussy lips with my other -- then thrust forward, shoving four inches into her in one plunge. Sara let out a little shriek of surprise-pain-delight -- and I put my hands above her head, lowering her to the mattress, and pressing a good bit of my weight down on her -- nothing like all of it, but enough to pin her completely to the mattress."Oh, god, fuck me!" Sara whimpered -- and I shifted my hands to just in front of her shoulders so that my thrusts wouldn't drive her away from me, and shoved my cock to the hilt into that wonderfully tight, wet, 13 year-old pussy.Sara yelped again, more in delight than pain or surprise this time -- and I started pumping, driving my dick in and out of that wet-velvet vise at a speed and with a force I'd never expected to use on any of these girls.It wasn't ten thrusts before Sara came, and came with hurricane force. She let out a scream worthy of Jenny, and her body managed that peculiar wave-ripple that she did when she came even with my weight pinning her down. Her pussy clamped down on my dick hard enough to hurt a little -- but in a very good way.As soon as she'd finished her orgasm, Sara whimpered, "Harder! Fuck me harder, Jordan, please!"I didn't need to be told twice -- I'd been fighting to *hold back* from fucking her harder, and now she was asking me to, almost begging me to? Hell, *yes!*I cranked up both the force and speed I was using on that sweet, tight little pussy, and Sara moaned in delight, and started repeating, "Fuck me! Fuck me, Jordan!" over and over again.I did exactly that -- and Sara came and came and came -- and, on either her third or fourth orgasm, started screaming "HARDER!" again.So I gave her what she wanted -- and I fucked that sweet, slender, small-for-her-age 13 year-old girl harder than I'd ever fucked any woman in my entire life -- ever! I *pounded* her pussy, slamming into her hard enough to have her making this insanely sexy little whimper-squeal as I fucked her -- it was unmistakably a sound of pleasure, and I thrived on that, on making this little girl come monstrously hard -- which she did after only thirty seconds or so of me pounding her dripping little pussy.And that was all it took to make me come, by that time. Her little pussy flexed on my cock, and I was *gone.* I pounded just a little bit harder as I dumped my load into Sara, and she paid me back by squeezing my dick dry with the last of her own orgasm. I managed to keep thrusting until she finished her orgasm -- but it was a near thing, as I was near collapse from the sheer intensity of my own come, and the amount of energy I'd dumped into fucking this sweet little girl silly.I pulled out, softening some, and promptly reached down and rolled Sara over on her back, moved up her body, and dangled my dick in front of her mouth. Her eyes were closed, but when my cock brushed her lips, she opened her mouth and slurped it right in, sucked it clean eagerly.When I pulled my dick out of her mouth, Sara immediately said, "I love you Jordan! Thank you!""Thank you, Sara," I said. "And . . Lolita Bbs Kds . I love you, too."I kissed her, and midway through the kiss she arched up into me, moaning into my mouth, and I looked down to see Jenny lapping at her older sister's pussy eagerly."Lay on your back, Jenny," Katie said. "Let Sara get over you -- so you can have all of Jordan's stuff, too, like I did eating you."Sara and Jenny adjusted their positions, and after maybe thirty seconds of watching Jenny go completely crazy on her older sister's pussy while Katie snuggled up to my side, I got to watch as Sara folded herself at the waist and begin eating Jenny's pussy while rocking against her little sister's lips and tongue.Katie and I sat there cuddling for a moment, just watching the eight year-old's older sisters do their first 69, and occasionally kissing. The incredibly taboo nature of what I was watching, coupled with the even more taboo sensations of cuddling a naked eight year old, of kissing her and having it be as frankly sexual as any kiss I'd ever shared with any woman of any age combined to force my drooping dick back to the fully erect diamond rod it had spent most of the evening being."My turn now, right?" Katie said, sounding worried that I might have changed my mind."Absolutely, baby doll," I assured her. "I'm all yours, now.""Wanna get on the couch?" Katie asked. "Or sit on the mattress?""Couch," I decided. I stood up, picked Katie up, and moved to the couch, where I sat down and placed her straddling my lap. Immediately, Katie slid forward so that my cock was pressed against the tiny little wetness of her little-girl pussy. I moaned in appreciation, and she giggled and rocked a little."I like your cock," Katie said, rubbing her hand along the Lolita Bbs Kds underside of the head. "It feels smooth and nice."You're still gonna fuck me, right Jordan?"Katie sounded a little worried, so I said, "If you still want me to, yes. Do you?""Yeah-huh!" Katie said, Lolita Bbs Kds and squeezed my cock a little. "I was just afraid you might not want to no more. I mean -- I'm not as pretty as Sara or Jenny.""Yes, you are," I said, and kissed her deeply. "You're every bit as pretty as your sisters, honey -- and in some ways, even more exciting." Katie gave me a questioning look, and I laughed and said, "Baby doll, you know how part of wanting to do things with your sisters at first was just knowing that you really weren't supposed to? How that made it more fun, more exciting?""Yeah-huh," Katie said. "And not just 'cause of how old we are but 'cause we're sisters. That's dumb, I already love them -- and it ain't like the one movie, where the brother an' sister had to be all careful cause they could make a bad baby. *We* can't make babies together. I don't know why we shouldn't eat each other's pussies all we want -- but knowing we weren't s'posed to did make it more fun.""Right," I said. "Well, I'm not supposed to do things with girls you three's ages, so you guys are more exciting to me because of that -- and you're the most exciting that way, because you're the youngest. So I am going to fuck you, baby doll -- if it's safe to without hurting you, and if you'll *swear* to me to tell me to stop if it hurts too much."Katie sat up straight and put her hand on her heart, said, "Swear on heart and swear on head, if I should lie, then strike me dead!"I'd never heard that one before, and got a good laugh out of it. When I'd recovered, Katie asked, "So how do you tell if it's safe to fuck me?""I was hoping you'd ask that," I said, picking her up and turning her sideways on my lap. "Because the best way to tell is to play with your pussy -- and I want to do that anyway!"A couple of minutes later, I had two fingers going in and out of Katie's little pussy, and a finger rubbing her tiny little clit -- and had decided that she could take my cock. But *damn,* she was tight! Her tightness, her size and the sweet, unfinished baldness of her pussy made me half nuts, and her responsiveness and sensitivity -- she far outdid my expectations on both -- finished the job. She was wet when I started playing with her, and she came quickly and with surprisingly little effort on my part, freezing my fingers in place when her pussy contracted and spasmed as she came. Her mouth, unable to reach mine, was moving constantly over my chest, kissing and licking as she went, in her excitement."Jordan, I love you!" Katie said after I quit playing with her after her third orgasm, pulling my head down to kiss me, sucking my tongue when I offered it to her, and laughing as I brought my hands up to lick them clean as soon as she'd finished.Katie was the sweetest tasting of the three girls, with an under-taste that rode the edge of becoming an actual taste. She licked my other hand clean, the one that had been playing with her clit, while I sucked clean the fingers that I'd had inside her.Once we'd cleaned my hands to both our satisfaction, Katie looked up at me and said, "Can I suck your dick now? And will you fuck my mouth?""A definite yes to the first one," I said. "The second part . . . Katie, we'll have to see. You're very small, and I might hurt or scare you without meaning too. Not because of your age, baby-doll -- because of your size.""Well, okay," Katie said. "But I want to at least try it.""We'll try it," I said. "But first you just suck me for a bit, get used to having my dick in your mouth, okay?""Okay," Katie agreed. She slid off of my lap to kneel on the floor. "Stand up, Jordan -- I want to do it different, too. You haven't stood up for a sucking yet. And you can fuck my mouth while you stand up."No fool I, I bounced to my feet, stepped a little way from the couch, and let Katie knee-walk to me while her sisters (long since through with their 69, they'd been necking and watching Katie and I) moved to sit on the air mattress, Jenny between Sara's legs and Sara playing with her little sister's pussy idly."I love you, Katie," I said, bending to kiss her. "I love all three of you.""I love you, too, Jordan," Katie said. "You're iced."With that, Katie rose up on her knees, leaned forward, and wrapped her hot little mouth around my dick, and started sucking.The world went white as pleasure ate my brain. Katie's mouth was small, hot, very wet, and very eager. Her suction was intense, as though she was afraid I'd pull out if she didn't suck really hard, and her tongue -- there are no words! And I made my *living* with words, or had. Her tiny, wet little tongue seemed to be all over my cock, touching everywhere on the two inches or so she had in her mouth at once -- and still flickering and darting, caressing and rolling. She let her mouth fill with saliva and a steady drip of pre-come from my cock, swallowed cheerfully, and began bobbing madly, lips going from a little past halfway down my cock to slightly past the rim at the base of the head.After maybe fifteen trips down and up, Katie had managed to get her mouth down to almost two-thirds of the way along my shaft on her down-stroke. She'd swallowed another load of saliva and pre-come, and gotten my cock
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